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Born to inspire

The PrimiDieci Society is a collective of world leading personalities. It was born out of a strong desire to forge connections between the most distinguished personalities  with young talented italians around the globe. The Society is committed to the development of an inspired, illuminated, and merit-based future leadership, while promoting the outstanding value of cultural diversity as a source of extraordinary talent, creativity, entrepreneurship, and genius. Established in New York in 2011 by Italian journalist and biographer Riccardo Lo Faro, the PrimiDieci Society relies on its International Selection Committee to nominate 10 Awards recipients in each country. From culture to science, design to business, public service to the media, the arts, entertainment and more, the recipients span from great authorities and role models to young, bright future leaders. 


Spreading the word out.

We are constantly dedicated to exploring amongst those who have achieved remarkable success in their career, those who are the best examples of having overcome obstacles and difficulties and are today delivering the utmost excellence to the community. We are committed to spreading out their fascinating stories nationally and internationally so that their insights may influence those who merit them. A resolute commitment accomplished by a series of major initiatives over the year, such as the sensational Awards Galas and Summits in the US (New York and Los Angeles) and UK (London) - soon more countries, and the broadcasting of their past and current achievements via massive Press & Media campaigns, the circulation of the PrimiDieci books, e.books, and publications, selected public speeches, and the dissemination on social media. These and more valued privileges are reserved to our Awards recipients, Patron members of the Society: the comprehensive list of unique benefits is available upon request. 

The ultimate purpose. 

Highlighting distinguished people for their personal and professional outstanding achievements allows us to bring attention to our events where we are honored to assign grants for scientific research in the field of Metastatic Breast Cancer. This is precisely the ultimate purpose of our celebratory functions: help to break the silence and the misinformation around its devastating spread, raising worldwide awareness of the international community to the importance of funding extensive scientific research on this dreadful disease. At the PrimiDieci Society, we are proud to support the global battle against such a terrible and dooming cancer that strikes hard thousands of women around the world.

The 2019 Awards, and special recognition "ITBC Awards

- Innovative Treatments for Breast Cancer" - click here

governing bodies


The PrimiDieci Awards exists to forge connections among internationally distinguished leaders and the most successful young Italians around the world. We are committed to the development of an inspired, illuminated, and merit-based future leadership, while promoting the outstanding value of cultural diversity as a source of extraordinary talent, creativity, entrepreneurship, and genius.


The PrimiDieci Awards are currently held in New York, Los Angeles, and London. During the celebrations each recipient is publicly presented and awarded on stage. Their life stories and professional accomplishments are revealed in the PrimiDieci publications & books, circulated in the USA, the UK, and Italy by Europa Edizioni. These stories are also singled in the "I Made It! Your Turn Now" e-book Series by PrimiDieci Society, available on Amazon's Kindle Store, Apple Store, Barnes & Nobles, and more - click here. Please note that publications and books are never a business to the Society: books are circulated complimentary at our Awards Galas and other events, while the adaptations are sold online for $3.00 each to recover basic costs.


The International Selection Committee appoints 10 recipients among countless extraordinary nominees via the Official Selection Procedure. Ten among the most successful Italians in the world and leaders of international magnitude recognized for their values and outstanding achievements.


The PrimiDieci Awards is not intended as a contest: There is no winner but 5 + 5 extraordinary recipients appointed and presented in alphabetical order. The nominations are the result of a thorough screening by the International Selection Committee among countless exceptional candidates within the enterprising, successful and dynamic international community.


'PrimiDieci Society' and ‘TenBest’ are trademarks created and registered by PDS LLC, founded in New York in 2011, in association with the nonprofit C.I.I.E., the Cultural Institution of Italian Excellence.

  • 'PrimiDieci Awards' is a registered trademark by PDS, LLC (PrimiDieci Society LLC, New York, USA). 

  • 'TenBest' is a registered trademark by PDS, LLC (PrimiDieci Society LLC, New York, USA). TenBest events, workshops, think tanks and books aim to bring the most widespread attention to the developments made by leading professionals of the international community on issues of global significance such as integration, environmental sustainability, economic growth, geopolitics, freedom of choice, gender equality, and more.  Please read more on the TenBest official Web site, click here

  • C.I.I.E. (the Cultural Institution of Italian Excellence) is the nonprofit organization founded in Italy in 2011 whose mission is "the spreading global awareness of the extraordinary achievements in every field by outstanding individuals from around the world whose commendable achievements inspire the next generations of world leaders." Sole Members of CIIE are the Society's Awardees and the Chairman and Members of the International Selection Committee. Their appointment is strictly honorary and their involvement in the activities of the Society is entirely spontaneous and highly appreciated. Their pivotal role is the foremost value behind the entire initiative.

  • PDS, LLC (PrimiDieci Society LLC), is the U.S. company founded in  2011 in New York, USA, to accomplish the mission of CIIE in the USA and other countries of the World. PrimiDieci Awards and TenBest are registered trade marks by PDS LLC.


The PrimiDieci Awards are events are generously funded by corporate sponsors and corporate partners.

The Chairman of the International Selection Committee and its members, as well as members of the Board of Advisors have no active role nor responsibility over the Society's initiatives. Patrons of the Society as well as Advocates and Supporters also have no active role nor responsibility over the Society's initiatives while they benefit from a series of exclusive privileges over the year.

The PrimiDieci Society holds overall authority, autonomy, and self-determination toward all its national and international initiatives. It doesn’t receive financial contribution from any public institution, government, state or nation

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