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publicly presented during the Awards Gala celebrations -New York and London. 

The life story of the ten recipients is narrated in the ‘PrimiDieci’ books. The purpose of the publication is to reveal the most personal and professional traits of these extraordinary personalities. An in-depth narration of the personal and professional paths that led them to their current outstanding achievements. All books including their own "Letter To The Young" with insights and suggestions to the young readers.

Author Riccardo Lo Faro and Editor-in-Chief Alessia Pertosa meet and interview each one of them in person, they travel the US and overseas to spend time with each appointed recipient to learn more of his/her life path, of their current commitments to professional success and their dedication to charity or other noble causes. Their life stories are singled in the PrimiDieci Books currently published for the USA and for the UK in English, and for Italy in Italian by national publisher Europa Edizioni, distributed in all Italian bookstores. 


Each PrimiDieci's award recipient is awarded with a copy of this Special Edition book; each Awards Gala guest receives a complimentary copy of the book, including representatives from the media.

The author, Riccardo Lo Faro:

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USA and UK editions, English adaptation

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USA and UK editions, Italian adaptation

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These hardcover special editions have been published for the USA and for the UK since our first PrimiDieci Awards edition. Each recipient is awarded with a copy of the Special Edition book where his/her life story is narrated by biographer Riccardo Lo Faro. Each Awards Gala Dinner's guest receivs a complimentary Special Edition copy of the book.


The dissemination of our Awardees' life stories and outstanding career achievements in these publications is never a business to the Society –e.g., the PrimiDieci books are distributed at no cost during the Awards Galas, Press Conferences, and Summits: Awards recipients, guests, authorities, the media and the press, they all receive a complimentary copy. In Italy, the above books are published in Italian by publisher Europa Edizioni; WLPO presents the PrimiDieci-Books and only receives the 10% of such sales. Please click the above covers to read the books at no cost. A selection of stories from each book is also singled as e.Book and on sale online at $3.00 just to cover costs: click here for a selection of PrimiDieci's published books and e-books.

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