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Nomination Criteria & Requirements


With the PrimiDieci Awards we are honored to appoint ten extraordinary individuals who we believe have best distinguished themselves over the most recent years. The PrimiDieci Awards is not intended as a contest: there is no winner but 10 exceptional honorees appointed and awarded in alphabetical order. The nominations are the result of a thorough screening by the International Selection Committee among countless extraordinary candidates within the enterprising, successful and dynamic international community.
Here's how the Society appoints, brings together, and connects outstanding individuals to highlight the extraordinary contributions they made and are currently making around the globe. 
Candidates are identified by enlisting the endorsements by our past Award recipients and Patron Members, the Society's Board Members along with major US, UK, and Italian governmental institutions, including organizations, foundations, and associations in both countires, the United Sates and UK.


The PrimiDieci Awards are no contest: among the 10 awardees there is no 1st and no 10th. Each appointed awardee is presented and awarded by alphabetical order.

The PrimiDieci Awards' recipients share the value of the WLPO's mission "committed to support lifesaving scinece" (please read more at Occasionally they become available for workshops, mentoring and other initiatives (i.e.: in person, in print, on video) addressed to students or young professionals.


(a) Their distinction in their field, profession, and/or public or volunteer service;
(b) Their personal values by which they have been able to achieve outstanding life and career's accomplishments;
(c) The high level of fairness of the relationship established over the years with colleagues or competitors within Their working environment (co-workers, employees, business competitors, etc.);

(d) "Giving back": Their distinguished commitment to charitable causes whether in the community, or nationally and internationally;
(e) The assumption that the nominee (when non-US citizen) has been a resident for a minimum of: 10 years, USA editions;  5 years, the UK/Europe editions.

The selections for the PrimiDieci nominees are led by the PrimiDieci Awards International Selection Committee.

100 nominees are screened per each edition (currently USA and UK), with 10 final awards' recipients.

(a) The PrimiDieci Awards' past award recipients

(b) Members of the Int'l Selection Committee and the Board of Advisors
(c) Patron and Advocate Members of the WLPO

(d) Governmental Institutions (USA, UK, Italy)


Each nomination must be accompanied by a Letter from Nominator: It focuses on personal knowledge of the nominee's distinction in their field, profession, and/or public or volunteer service; it may include a short bio of the endorsed nominee.


The selection procedure is carried out within 60 days of the closing of the applications. A two-month period when we fully devote ourselves to a respectful but still thoroughly scrutiny of each endorsed candidate. In order to ensure the best evaluation, we carry out and in-depth research with cross-references between the information in our possession, the information reported in the applications, and information in possession of embassies and other governmental institutions. 


During the "research & scrutiny" process, all 100 endorsed nominees are never informed of being candidates for the PrimiDieci Awards. Only the 10 final appointed recipients are informed with the formal Official Nomination Letter when the selection procedure is finalazed and all ten recipients are officially nominated.


The International Selection Committee considers unconditionally inadmissible in the annual selection: (a) Board members' nominations based on personal, professional, business, or political motivations; (b) nominees related to corporate sponsorship supporting the same edition.


The selection process is regulated by the WLPO Corp. (please read more at Governing Bodies here).  It is the result of an independent, unbiased, self-supported selection, and does not claim to establish any absolute primacy.

The Int'l Selection Committee: click here

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